Why is the Back Door a Weak Spot?

Back doors have a number of weak points. Their most obvious weakness is the lack of locks. Few back doors have deadbolts, door chains, and other locks. Instead, they usually have a single deadbolt, without any accompanying security measures.

Furthermore, these doors often have more glass. Indeed, some people’s back door is nothing but a screen door – an entire door made of nothing but glass and a small latch used as a lock. That is not nearly enough security for most homes, and makes it easy for potential thieves to simply shatter the back door and enter. While adding security to your front door is important, few burglars use the front door as an entrance point. They look for weaknesses, and the back door of your home is likely a weakness.

What is the solution?

There are several types of security measures that can be installed on your back door in order to improve your security. Just a small sample of these include:

– High security Mul-T-Lock deadbolt
– Door viewers
– Door strips

There are equally as many potential locks and security devices that can be installed on your front door as your back door, and unlike your front door, you don’t have to worry about your home feeling uninviting due to this high level of security. You can keep all of the locks closed when you’re not using your backyard, and open them only when you need to.

Your security needs to keep all of your weak spots in mind. Your back door is one of the prime weak spots that burglars can exploit. That is why it is important that you install effective security devices on your back door and keep burglars from entering.