Centennial Court Strata

Project Description

Type of Building: Condo

Recently, we were approached by a member of Centennial Court’s strata council to provide an optimal security strategy for the property, which consists of three separate buildings holding 138 residential condominium units, constructed 25 years ago in Abbotsford.

Centennial Court was seeking the lowest cost and most effective security solution that would enable the property manager to be able to ‘add and delete’ keys quickly and easily, in response to regular owner turnover.

Older mechanical systems would require that the physical lock itself would need to be changed each time, with every one of those modifications requiring a locksmith intervention.

The Solution

Our higher-tech solution was to install eight Mul-T-Lock Smart Air wall readers on six exterior doors, plus two more for the pool and amenity rooms. Small proximity fobs were then distributed to all property owners, replacing their keys.

The MUL-T-LOCK Smart Air software and handheld programmer unit satisfied the customer’s requirements to be able to quickly delete key fobs, restrict individual access as needed, and obtain audit trails.

As another alternative, hard-wired systems would have incurred an extremely high labour cost for installation in the buildings, which weren’t pre-wired. Linking the three buildings would have represented another financial hurdle.

And in terms of ongoing management, replacing lost cards is cheaper and faster than replacing a lost key. Plus, the system is easily expandable to secure more doors, such as service rooms, storage lockers, and even control elevator access to separate floors in the future.

Having proven reliability in more than 20 such systems installed in residential buildings in Abbotsford and Mission, we are confident that this is the superior option to meet Centennial Court’s needs.

The solution is backed with a two-year Mul-T-Lock parts warranty, plus our own two-year warranty on labour.

The project (from job proposal to installation) spanned a few weeks, whereas the costlier alternative might have taken months

Canterbury Gate Strata

Project Description

Type of Building: Condo

The strata council of Canterbury Gate, an adult oriented 62-unit condominium complex in West Abbotsford, approached us with a security frustration that they were encountering.

Each condo owner was provided with automated garage and gate remote controls. If even one of these units was lost or stolen, the entire batch of over 80 remotes had to be collected and reprogrammed by council members. In addition to being very time consuming, this process caused a delay period in which owners were without automatic gate and garage access.

The Solution

We recommended and quickly installed a new state-of-the-art Linear remote system, which allows for individual remotes to be added or deleted from the system in minutes, eliminating the need to touch the other remotes in the group